Lectures 2021/22

Unedited videos are here. I will not edit them.

Lectures 2020/21

Unedited videos are here. I’ve star­ted to edit some videos, not sure I will ever finish.…

# Title Date Youtube Download
0 Course intro­duc­tion 16/09 [Link] [Link]
1.1 Introduction — Course teaser 16/09 [Link] [Link]
1.2 Introduction — DS Models 16/09 [Link] [Link]
2 Reliable broa­d­ca­st 17/09 [Link] [Link]
3.1 Epidemic Protocols — Introduction 23/09 [Link] [Link]
3.2 Epidemic Protocols — Anti-Entropy 23/09 [Link] [Link]
3.3 Epidemic Protocols — Rumor mongering 23/09 [Link] [Link]
4 Impossibility of Consensus 24/09 [Link] [Link]
5 Consensus with FD 01/10 [Link] [Link]
6 Peer-to-peer Systems 1 08/10 [Link] [Link]

Previous years

Here you can find a few recor­dings of the lec­tu­res given some years ago, using dif­fe­rent tools, when the cour­se was cal­led Distributed Systems and inclu­ded topics from both Distributed Systems 1 and Distributed Systems 2

Title Video
Reliable Broadcast [ZIP]
Impossibility of Consensus [ZIP]
Failure Detectors [ZIP]
Complex Networks [ZIP]
P2P1 [ZIP]
Replication 1 [ZIP]
Replication 2 [ZIP]
Epidemics 2 [ZIP]
Epidemics 3 [ZIP]
Distributed Transactions [ZIP]
Rollback / Recovery [ZIP]
Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance [ZIP]
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