Scientific Programming

The goal is to intro­du­ce stu­den­ts to the prac­ti­ce of algo­ri­th­mic solu­tions, throu­gh the pre­sen­ta­tion of the most impor­tant class of algo­ri­thms and the ana­ly­sis of their per­for­man­ce. The cour­se will focus on algo­ri­thms and data struc­tu­res for pro­blems on string, trees and gra­phs.

At the end of the cour­se, stu­den­ts are expec­ted to:

  • eva­lua­te algo­ri­th­mic choi­ces and select the ones that best suit their pro­blems
  • ana­ly­ze the com­ple­xi­ty of exi­sting algo­ri­thms and algo­ri­thms crea­ted on their own
  • desi­gn sim­ple algo­ri­th­mic solu­tions to basic pro­blems