Alternative (free) books on Python

If you are not sati­sfied with our sug­ge­stions of books to learn Python, here you can find a few alternatives.

Title Link
The Coder’s Apprentice — Learning Programming with Python 3 [Link]
Fundamentals of Python Programming [Link]
Python for Everybody — Exploring Data Using Python 3 [Link]
A prac­ti­cal intro­duc­tion to Python Programming [Link]
Learning to pro­gram with Python [Link]
Free cour­se on Python [Link]
Tutorial Python (in Italiano) [Link]

Additional (not-so-free) books on algorithms

There should be a copy of the­se books in the UniTN library.

  • Bertossi, Montresor. Algoritmi e Strutture di Dati. Tecniche nuo­ve, 3rd ed. (2014)
  • Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein. Introduction to Algorithms. The MIT Press, 3rd ed. (2009)


Finding inte­re­sting exer­ci­ses is always dif­fi­cult. We pro­vi­de here a few sites; if you find other sour­ces, let us know.

Title Link
Python Exercises, Practice, Solution [Link]
100 Numpy exercises [Link]
Teach Python 3 and web desi­gn with 200+ exercises [Link]
Practice Python [Link]
Python Programming Examples [Link]
Python Practice Book [Link]

Package documentation

During the cour­se, we will intro­du­ce a few impor­tant libra­ries like NumPy, Pandas, and MatPlotLib. Here you can find refe­ren­ces to their documentation.

NumPy Reference [Link] [Link]
Pandas [Link] [Link]
Matplotlib [Link] [Link]


The fol­lo­wing mate­rial com­ple­men­ts the text­books and the sli­des about algorithms:

Topic File
Introduction to algorithms [Link]
Big-Oh Notation [Link]
Sorting [Link]
Dynamic Programming [Link]
Greedy Algorithms [Link]
String Algorithms [Link]

List of resources

The fol­lo­wing links pro­vi­de (long) lists of addi­tio­nal resources

Title Link
Free resour­ces on Python [Link]
Learning Python [Link]
Libri in Python [Link]

Additional material

Additional mate­rial which can be used to fur­ther impro­ve your kno­w­led­ge of Python.

Title Link
Functional pro­gram­ming with Python [Link]
How to make mista­kes in Python [Link]
Hadoop with Python [Link]
20 Python libra­ries you are­n’t using (but should) [Link]
Dive into python [Link]
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