For each topic, two files are pro­po­sed: sli­des and han­dou­ts. The sli­de files inclu­de all the sli­des that have been pre­sen­ted during the lec­tu­re. The han­dou­ts is a strip­ped-down ver­sion of the sli­des, in which table of con­ten­ts, comics, and very long ani­ma­tions have been remo­ved; they have been desi­gned to be printed.

Part A — Programming

Topic Handouts Slides
Course intro­duc­tion PDF PDF
Introduction to Python PDF PDF
Strings, lists, tuples and dictionaries PDF PDF
Complex sta­te­men­ts PDF PDF
Functions PDF PDF
Modules and programs PDF PDF
Recursion PDF PDF
Pandas PDF PDF
Numpy+MatPlotLib PDF PDF
Programming para­digms PDF PDF
Exercises — 1 PDF PDF
Exercises — 2 PDF PDF
Exercises — 3 PDF PDF

Part B — Algorithms and data structures

Topic Handouts Slides
Algorithm ana­ly­sis PDF PDF
Data struc­tu­res PDF PDF
Graphs PDF PDF
Dynamic pro­gram­ming PDF PDF
Dynamic pro­gram­ming — Exercises PDF PDF
Greedy PDF PDF
Backtrack PDF PDF
Exercises PDF PDF
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