Autonomic security

Thanks to an Italian-fun­ded pro­ject cal­led Autonomic Security, we have inve­sti­ga­ted the secu­ri­ty impli­ca­tions of lar­ge-sca­le, decen­tra­li­zed, open distri­bu­ted systems. Three resul­ts have been published:

  • Secure peer sam­pling [COPS09][ComNet10]
  • Botnet mode­li­za­tion [ICC10]
  • Security in video strea­ming ser­vi­ces [PPNA11]

[COPS09]   Gian Paolo Jesi and Alberto Montresor. Secure peer sam­pling ser­vi­ce: the mosqui­to attack. In Proc. of the 5th WETICE Workshop on Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Systems (COPS’09). IEEE, Groningen, The Netherlands, July 2009. [PDF],[Bibtex].

[ComNet10]   Gian Paolo Jesi, Alberto Montresor, and Maarten van Steen. Secure peer sam­pling. Computer Networks, 54(13):2086–2098, June 2010. [PDF[Bibtex].

[ICC10]   Marco Ajelli, Renato Lo Cigno, and Alberto Montresor. Modeling bot­ne­ts and epi­de­mic mal­ware. In Proc. of the Int. Communications Conference (ICC’10). IEEE, May 2010. [PDF][Bibtex]

[PPNA11]   Gabriela Gheorghe, Renato Lo Cigno, and Alberto Montresor. Security and pri­va­cy issues in P2P strea­ming systems: A sur­vey. Peer-to-Peer Networking and Application, 4(2):75–91, 2011. [PDF][Bibtex].

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