In 2016/2017, I will teach three cour­ses:

Title Degree Level Language
Algorithms and Data Structures ASD Computer Science Bachelor Italian
Distributed Systems 2 DS2 Computer Science Master English
Scientific Programming SP Quantitative and Computational Biology Master English

ASD is now a clas­sic for me; I star­ted tea­ching it in 2005/2006, so the 2016/17 edi­tion is the 12th one. I still remem­ber when I arri­ved in Trento, and I was asked to teach Algorithm and Data Structures; I said yes, but asked if I could keep it at lea­st for a two-three years…

DS2 has a more trou­bled sto­ry: it was once cal­led “Sistemi distri­bui­ti: teo­ria”, then Distributed Systems, then Distributed Algorithms. The cur­rent name reflec­ts the fact that the cour­se is now part of a two-cour­se series: DS1 given by Prof. Gian Pietro Picco and DS2 given by me. DS1 will focus on the basic con­cept rela­ted to distri­bu­ted systems, whi­le DS2 will pro­vi­de more advan­ced con­cep­ts, with a focus on distri­bu­ted algo­ri­thms.

SP is new in 2016/2017; it is my fir­st expe­rien­ce at tea­ching non-com­pu­ter-scien­ce stu­den­ts sin­ce Bologna.