Google Summer of Code

This is a (par­tial) list of UniTN stu­den­ts who secu­red a Google Summer of Code Scholarship over the last few years. I had no role in their achie­ve­ment, apart from men­tio­ning this Google pro­gram in my cour­ses and sug­ge­sting to give it  a try. Still, I’m very proud of all of them.

Student Year Project
Beatrice Vergani (ex studentessa) 2020 Haskell
Simone Degiacomi 2019 OpenRoberta
Francesco Gazzetta 2018 Haskell
Giovanni De Toni 2017 Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox
Lodovico Giaretta 2016 Phobos — XML Library for D
Emilio Dorigatti 2015 DBpedia
Savita Seetaraman 2014 Monkey
Edo Monticelli 2012 Open-Mesh
Pietro Zambelli 2012 PyGrass
Federico Scrinzi 2012 Gentoo — Ebuild
Antonio Quartulli 2011 Open-Mesh

If you are not listed, plea­se let me know — this list is meant to inspi­re other stu­den­ts to apply for this program.

If you plan to apply next year, let me know — I can put you in con­tact with some of pre­vious years’ stu­den­ts to get sug­ge­stions and help.

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