Google Summer of Code

This is a (par­tial) list of UniTN stu­den­ts who secu­red a Google Summer of Code Scholarship over the last few years. I had no par­ti­cu­lar role in their achie­ve­ment, apart from men­tio­ning this Google pro­gram in my cour­ses (in the last few years), and sug­ge­sting to give it  a try. Still, I’m very proud of all of them.

Student Year Project
Antonio Quartulli 2011 Open-Mesh
Federico Scrinzi 2012 Gentoo — Ebuild
Pietro Zambelli 2012 PyGrass
Edo Monticelli 2012 Open-Mesh
Savita Seetaraman 2014 Monkey
Emilio Dorigatti 2015 DBpedia
Lodovico Giaretta 2016 Phobos — XML Library for D
Giovanni De Toni 2017 Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox

If you are not listed, plea­se let me know — this list is meant to inspi­re other stu­den­ts to apply for this pro­gram.

If you plan to apply next year, let me know — I can put you in con­tact with some of pre­vious years’ stu­den­ts to get sug­ge­stions and help.