My cur­rent research is about algo­ri­thms over unstruc­tu­red data (gra­phs, hyper­gra­phs), distri­bu­ted systems, com­pu­ter scien­ce education. 

How to ask for a thesis

The pro­cess of pai­ring a stu­dent to her/his super­vi­sor is real­ly pain­ful, in Trento as well as in Italian uni­ver­si­ties. Students ask for a the­sis, pro­fes­sors pro­po­se some ideas or refu­se, clai­ming that they are over­com­mit­ted / they have too many stu­den­ts / they have no pro­jec­ts at the moment / etc.

In my case, some­ti­mes I am real­ly obli­ged to say no; the­re are periods in which I recei­ve four-five requests per week, and clear­ly I can­not be a good super­vi­sor for all of them. In order to under­stand if a stu­dent is the right per­son for a the­sis, I ask you to send me a mail spe­ci­fy­ing the fol­lo­wing information:

  • When you want to start
  • When you want to finish (ideal­ly)
  • How many exams you need to pass in order to com­ple­te your degree
  • The list of exams as out­put by Esse3, with the marks that you have obtained
  • The gra­de point ave­ra­ge (voto medio pesato)
  • If you have addi­tio­nal expe­rien­ces besi­de the cour­ses at the uni­ver­si­ty, add a CV
  • Your per­so­nal inte­rests in the field of com­pu­ter science

I pre­fer to super­vi­se the­ses that are either com­ple­te­ly exter­nal (sta­ge + the­sis com­ple­ted in a com­pa­ny) or com­ple­te­ly inter­nal (UniTN intern­ship + the­sis com­ple­ted at DISI). This cor­re­sponds to 15 ECTS cre­di­ts at the Bachelor level (appro­xi­ma­te­ly 2.5 mon­ths full-time, lon­ger if part-time) and to 30 ECTS cre­di­ts at the master level (appro­xi­ma­te­ly 5 mon­ths full-time, lon­ger if part-time).

Current status

Enough stu­den­ts for 2022! After I’ve rea­ched my maxi­mum in 2021 (24), I wan­ted to cut the num­ber of the­ses, but I’m back again at 24 (actual­ly 25, but one of them wasn’t able to make it).…
I will start accept new requests after the sum­mer 2022, to be com­ple­ted in 2023. Several the­sis are not direc­tly super­vi­sed by myself, but by cur­rent and ex-phd stu­den­ts, ex-col­lea­gues, friends that cur­ren­tly work in com­pa­nies such as SpazioDati, U‑Hopper, Think-In, or in research cen­tres like Eurecat (Barcelona) and FBK (Trento). 

Year Active Completed
2019   19
2020   18
2021   24
2022 1  23
2023 11 -

How to write a thesis

When I review the the­sis, I end up giving always the same sug­ge­stions. I’ve col­lec­ted them in this page.

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