When you have a ham­mer, eve­ry­thing looks like a nail. For a whi­le, I had a ”gos­sip” ham­mer: eve­ry pro­blem loo­ked sol­va­ble throu­gh a gos­sip pro­to­col. Clearly this was not true, but it is inte­re­sting to see how many pro­blems can be sol­ved with the same algo­ri­th­mic sche­me. So far:

  • entro­py-reduc­tion pro­to­cols for the com­pu­ta­tion of a lar­ge set of aggre­ga­te func­tions, inclu­ding maxi­mum and mini­mum, ave­ra­ge, sum, pro­duct, geo­me­tric mean, varian­ce, ran­king, etc [DSN04] [ICDCS04] [TOCS05] [Selfman08] [ComCom10]
  • size esti­ma­tion [P2P09]
  • load balan­cing [LNCS04]
  • pro­to­cols for orga­ni­zing and mana­ging struc­tu­red topo­lo­gies like super-peer based net­works [P2P04] [Selfman06] [TNSM07]
  • gene­ric topo­lo­gy mana­ge­ment pro­to­cols [TMan09]
  • pro­to­cols for boo­tstrap­ping DHT topo­lo­gies like Chord from scratch [P2P05] [IWDDS06]
  • sli­cing pro­to­col to obtain a ”sli­ce” of nodes sati­sfy­ing a given con­di­tion [Hotp2p08]
  • sche­du­ling in P2P video strea­ming [IWSOS09]
  • fire­fly-inspi­red heart­beat syn­chro­ni­sa­tion [SASO07]
  • top‑k com­pu­ta­tion  [Computing13[EuroPar14]

A sum­ma­ry of the poten­tia­li­ty of this approach can be found in [IDC08]; inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry aspec­ts of gos­sip are discus­sed in [OSR07]. If you are loo­king for a sur­vey of the topic, I have been asked to wri­te an arti­cle for the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering about gos­sip [Wiley17].

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