Laboratory of Computer Science Education

Edition 2022/23: The fir­st les­son will be held on Monday, February 27th and the­re will be no les­son on March 2nd.
Currently, les­sons are sche­du­led for Monday 2:30–4:30 pm and Thursday 4:30–6:30 pm, but the Monday sche­du­le seems pro­ble­ma­tic for tho­se who attend other les­sons (many con­flic­ts) and for tho­se who work, so it may be sub­ject to chan­ges, which will be agreed upon during the fir­st lesson.

I kind­ly ask you to fill out this form to let me know if you are inte­re­sted in the cour­se and any sche­du­ling con­strain­ts. If your avai­la­bi­li­ty chan­ges, no pro­blem: you will recei­ve a link to modi­fy your respon­se later. Please fill it out now so I can get an idea of how many of you are interested!

Course descrip­tion: The objec­ti­ve of the cour­se is to make stu­den­ts reflect on the spe­ci­fic scien­ti­fic and metho­do­lo­gi­cal foun­da­tions of com­pu­ter scien­ce, its pecu­lia­ri­ties as a disci­pli­ne com­pa­red to other scien­ti­fic disci­pli­nes, and the spe­ci­fi­ci­ties of its tea­ching. The cour­se is based on the­se foun­da­tions and pro­vi­des use­ful tech­ni­ques and tools for tea­ching com­pu­ter scien­ce, with par­ti­cu­lar empha­sis on the high school level.

To par­ti­ci­pa­te in the cour­se, basic expe­rien­ce with a pro­ce­du­ral pro­gram­ming lan­gua­ge is requi­red (e.g. Python, Java, C/C++, R). The cour­se is sui­ta­ble for both com­pu­ter scien­ce stu­den­ts and stu­den­ts from other scien­ti­fic or engi­nee­ring cour­ses who want to teach com­pu­ter scien­ce within their disci­pli­nes or who want to qua­li­fy for com­pu­ter scien­ce tea­ching. Having stu­den­ts from dif­fe­rent back­grounds will be a strength of the course.

The cour­se will be held in Italian and requi­res acti­ve par­ti­ci­pa­tion by stu­den­ts, both during the cour­se and in the pre­pa­ra­tion and discus­sion of tea­ching acti­vi­ties rela­ted to com­pu­ter scien­ce teaching.

Il cor­so era inse­ri­to nel­l’of­fer­ta didat­ti­ca del Percorso 24 CFU obbli­ga­to­ri per la par­te­ci­pa­zio­ne ai con­cor­si di acces­so ai ruo­li del­l’in­se­gna­men­to. Ma que­sto per­cor­so è sta­to abo­li­to e il nuo­vo per­cor­so non è anco­ra sta­to defi­ni­to, quin­di sia­mo anco­ra in un limbo.

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